Preseason Training Program and Journal

Preseason Training Program and Journal

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Begins Shipping October 1st. Preseason covers the month BEFORE training begins. This is program is perfect for the athlete who’s had a lot of time off, is returning to training after rehabilitating an injury, or for the athlete that wants to alleviate the difficulty that comes with jumping right back into training. Also perfect for the coach who wants to “politely suggest” their athlete starts to move around a bit before training gets started, and for high school coaches that would like more resources and support with training programs.

This is the first of an entire collection of training books Tianna is producing in conjunction with her training for this Olympic year. Preseason includes: fuel plans, warm ups and cool downs, strength development workouts, core strength programs, and recovery programs. Preseason can last for 3-4 weeks but should be at least a minimum of 2.

The training journal is formatted in a way that allows choice in programming but only from the training plans and programs included in the book. This leaves little room for confusion.

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