Want To Train Like a Pro?

Join my training group for Track Season 2020! From Preseason, General Preparation, to In-Competition, Fuel Plans, to Recovery Protocols and everything in between. You’re covered for the year by joining Tb’s Virtual Training Group.

What’s Included:

Tb’s Training Group Swag Bag

Preseason Training Program and Supplemental Pages*

Preseason Prep Workbook*

Strength Training Programs*

Travel/Recovery/”Game Day” Protocols

Relevant How-To-Videos

Fuel Plans, Meal Planning and Timing

Phase One: General Prep (Plyometrics, Work capacity)*

Phase Two: Specific Prep*

Phase Three: In-Competition (Indoor)

Phase Four: Specific Prep II

Phase Five: In-Competition (Outdoor)

Access to exclusive Grab Bag events

Tb Like a Pro Training Group Exclusive Live Q&As

*These programs will become available for purchase separately ranging in price for $30-$120 each. Your membership includes these programs and delivery to your inbox and home.

What’s It Cost?

There are three different ways to pay for Tb’s VTG.

Membership to this training group runs from October-September- a total of 12 training months for just

$97 a month for 12 months.

6 payments of $170.

Or a one-time payment of $750 (a savings of over $400!)

Membership expires September 30th automatically. You will not need to cancel when the season is over.

Upon early cancellation you may keep all previously disseminated information but will lose ongoing access to the training group’s private portal.


Join Tb’s Virtual Training Group If You Are…

A post-collegiate athlete that doesn’t have a coach but still wants to make a run at professional track and field.

A Masters Athlete

A coach who wants a closer in-depth look at sprinter-jumper specific training plans

A High school athlete and/or coach that need higher quality workouts and planning to increase scholarship opportunities.

A new/young college coach looking for resources for alternate training programs for the team.

Choose the Plan Best For You and Let’s Start Training!

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— Napoleon Hill