Crash Course Combo Pack & Shoe Bag

Crash Course Combo Pack & Shoe Bag

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This combo pack was originally created for crash course attendees. It includes a SIGNED (!!!) print copy of the “Why You’re Not a Track Star” book upon which the crash course is based. Additionally this combo pack includes:

“Pre Season Prep” (A $30 value) 12 day program to clarity about your goals for the upcoming season.

“Affirmed” (A $10 value) A book of affirmations that can help an athletes brain rewire towards the positive or reframe their perspective.

“Hit The Deck" Core Circuit (A $25 value) TB’s core program (and meal map) for a strong core.

There are only a few of these remaining!!! If you’ve already attended a crash course you’re in luck! This was included in your swag bag! Upcoming Crash Course attendees will receive different programing.

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