Reason: You’ve Forgotten Your “Why”

You really have lost touch with what was making you get out of bed and off to training everyday. You aren’t feeling the passion or the love anymore.

Reason: Your Attitude Really Sucks

I get it working hard at something that doesn’t feel like it’s working out can turn anyone’s mood. But giving in to that feeling only makes matters worse.

Reason: You Aren’t Treating Your Body Right

No matter your age there are things you should and should not be doing to prepare your body for high performance. All of them require a plan: nutrition plan, recovery plan, strength and conditioning plan, training plan. If you’re not deliberate about each of these categories you’re playing yourself.

Reason: The People Around You Suck

You can’t choose your family. Sometimes you can’t even choose your coach. But you can choose who you hang out with and who you spend time with and the type of energy they bring into those interactions matter more than we think.

Reason: You Just Don’t Know What You’re Doing

You’ve got the love, the discipline, and the time and now you just need the info so you can start generating the skills you need for those performances you’re looking for.

The Top Five Reasons You Might Be Stuck Right Now


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