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Pre Season Prep Workbook
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This is a 12 day program ANYONE should do. It takes you from identifying your wants, translating them to goals, creating a vision board to help you visualize your success, to how to have sit-downs with your team. Do it before you start your training season to help focus you…and watch how EVERYTHING changes.

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Why You're Not a Track Star

This is the ebook that launched this website. Why You’re Not a Track Star lists five potential problems athletes may be suffering from, and offers solutions to each. Return to this website to dig even deeper into the solutions that can help turn your track career around!

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Affirmed: Talking Yourself To Your Best Self

This is for the athletes that struggle with their thoughts. Affirmed features a dozen affirmations plus a template that will help you create your own. Start changing how you talk to yourself.

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DIGITAL: Hit The Deck Core Circuits

Digital File Only. Grab a deck of cards and attack one of seven core programs in this circuit book. At the end you’ll find a meal map to help you eat your way to visible abs. You CAN have a strong core without having abs that really show. Making them show up is done in the kitchen, with proper nutrition. Hit the deck covers all of that!

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