What do I need to do right to make the 2020 Olympic Team?

It’s not really a matter of doing it “right” the Olympic Teams are the hardest teams to make. And you started in 2014 which means you’ll only have been running track for 6 years. I made my first Olympic team 15 years after I started. So don’t be so hard on yourself. Anyway, the Olympics requires to be at your absolute best. So you’ll want to make sure you are mentally, physically, and emotionally fit. Your diet needs to be perfect, your weight optimal, the stress in your life minimal, good quality sleep, physical therapy is of Good quality and is frequent, and your training program has to be specific to you, your body, and your event. It’ll take everything you have plus the support of the people around you. If you can pull it off it will feel worth it. But It is not easy! It’s not impossible, but it is difficult.


Tianna Bartoletta