I’m new to track and field what are good times in the 100 and 200?

You’re new so there isn’t really a good or bad time for you right now. You can’t really compare your times to times other people who have been running for much longer can run. When I was 14 I could run the 100 in 12 seconds and the 200 in 25 seconds. But once I learned HOW to run I was able to drop my 100 time by almost half a second, and my 200 time by almost 2 seconds. So your times will keep dropping as you get used to running, as you get in shape, and as you get stronger. The last step will be race strategy (how to run the race) but you have plenty of time before we get to that point. For now, your job is to learn the fundamentals and to get strong. Check out my YouTube channel, and the strength links on the tbtrackstar website to build your strength and most importantly, don’t quit.

Tianna Bartoletta