What is a specific technique I use to develop mental toughness?

Thanks Rachel for this question. I can’t take full credit for this answer as I used to work with a mental conditioning coach on a pretty regular basis. One of the techniques we always came back to was making sure BEFORE each tough workout or competition I decided on what I wanted to achieve. For example, if it was a long jump day I decided before practice that getting six consistent approaches (meaning no fouls) meant a successful day. Just consistent approaches,not the distance of the jump, not the technique in the air. I focused on one thing and executing that ONE thing was my job. You can do the same every day for training. And you can start with something small like “today will be successful if I swing my arms forward and back during my runs and not across my body” you can build up to “bigger” things. And on competition days the same technique applies, “this competition is successful if I run through the line breaking my habit of decelerating way before the finish”. I hope this helps!

Tianna Bartoletta