How did you build team comradery?

Great question! So my experience is a little different as I was only on my college team for two years before becoming a professional. However, my freshman year I was “mentored” by an older teammate who taught me that taking care of yourself and what you need to be at your best no matter how “silly” it seems (like needing a specific brand of fruit snack for team trips) you should not hesitate to do because YOUR individual best is THE BEST way to contribute to ensure your COLLECTIVE BEST. When I was a sophomore, I spent a lot of time with the freshman class just being with them. We had Sunday dinners together and did a lot of things away from the track that made our bond more familial. So when it came time to compete we felt like we were in it together and we didn’t want to let each other down. I encourage you to have your team try to get to know each other away from the track, eat together, learn what makes each of you tick, or laugh, or pissed off. No one will work harder for you than someone who truly believes and feels that you care about them.

Tianna Bartoletta