How do I start and run my 200 better?

Zoe asked a great question. She wants to know how she can start AND finish her 200s better. Here’s my answer:


I believe running a good 200 starts with how you set your blocks.

Because you’re running a turn running on the outside of your lane is actually a farther distance than running on the inside.

Set your blocks at an angle so that you can have a straight drive phase.

You want to run pretty fast until around 80 meters or the relay exchange zones.

Between 75 and 100 (these are estimates by the way) is a “hold” phase. You aren’t trying to speed up but you are definitely not slowing down. Think of it as a moment to recharge your turbo boosters. Your form should be upright and relaxed and you should be on the INSIDE of the lane. When run properly the momentum you’ve built will “throw” you into the straight away. When you feel that push your metaphorical “turbo” button and bring it on home.

The 200 can’t be run full blast from start to finish. So this event is about speed distribution. Try this and let me know how it goes!

Tianna Bartoletta