How Should I run my 400?

Kamryn asks a good question. The strategy they've been using so far is to pace themselves for the first 200 and then pick up and finish strong for the last 200. Kamryn is concerned that going out harder in the beginning will leave little to nothing in the end. I want to say that I've never had to run the open 400 (thank God) but I've been around a lot of people who have either in my training groups, or have heard coaches I know well talk about their preferred race strategy. They all have one thing in have to run that first 100 meters fast. You just have to. The backstretch is for keeping steady...basically don't speed up and definitely don't slow down. Focus on your breathing and the rhythm of your arms. Try to think about good posture and keeping your knees driving up and forward. you do already start to pick it up and go at 200 meters. My college coach told me that around 100 meters to go you'll start to feel that hurt. She says the last 100 meters is where you run with heart, where you prove to yourself how bad you want to get to the finish line and you give it up fully. Focus on your form, your arms, don't stick your chest up, or run with your chin up. It's going to be awful but try not to let that show. Good luck!