Affirmed: Talking Yourself To Your Best Self

This is for the athletes that struggle with their thoughts. Affirmed features a dozen affirmations plus a template that will help you create your own. Start changing how you talk to yourself.

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I know why you’re here. You’ve been told you’ve got an attitude. You’ve been asked repeatedly to change your attitude and you just can’t. It might even actually make your attitude even worse when someone points it out to you. I know, I get that way too. Here’s the deal, having an attitude is necessary, we just need to adjust its settings so that it’s an attitude we can use in order to get the best out of ourselves at training and in competitions. You with me so far?

Good. Next to actually doing physical conditioning, mental conditioning becomes the most important factor in determining how well you are going to do. Your mind controls your body. You control your mind.

Pre Season Prep Workbook
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This is a 12 day program ANYONE should do. It takes you from identifying your wants, translating them to goals, creating a vision board to help you visualize your success, to how to have sit-downs with your team. Do it before you start your training season to help focus you…and watch how EVERYTHING changes.

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