Read With Me.

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New Year. New Club.

Re-imagined for 2019. TB’s PB Book club is the community to join if you love books, love to discuss them, and are always striving to be your (personal) Best. CLick Here to Join the Club!


The Reading List:

January: Daring Greatly ~ Brene Brown

February: How To Be Here ~ Rob Bell

March: Start Right Where You Are ~ Sam Bennett

April: Turning the Mind into an Ally ~ Sakyong Mipham

May: The Art of Living Consciously ~ Nathaniel Branden

June: The Art of People ~ Dave Kerpen

July: The Champion’s Comeback ~ Jim Afremow

August: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k ~ Mark Manson

September: Insight ~ Tasha Eurich

October: Atomic Habits ~ James Clear

November: Break the Habit of Being Yourself ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

December: Mastery ~ Robert Greene


3 Ways To Club

TB loves books, so chat anytime for free on TB’s Personal Best Book Club’s Facebook page where you can post about the book of the month and join in the discussions.

Try it for a month, or simply wait for the month you want to participate based on the book selection! You’ll be invited to THAT MONTH’s online book club meeting brought to you by ZOOM and you’ll get a PDF Summary of that month’s book. Check this out, for five bucks you’ll get to nerd out on a book that’s interesting to you with TB and other book clubbers and get a book summary so thorough you won’t actually need to read the book at all (please do though…reading is good for you).

Join for the year! With club dues averaging out to $2.75 a month for the year you are invited (via private link) to our monthly live book club meeting brought to you by ZOOM! You’ll also get a Full-Color PDF summary written by TB herself for each book on the reading list! At the end of the year you’ll get all of the PDF’s in one “year in review” full color download!