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Want me to come talk to your team, school, or organization? I would love that! I’m a firm believer that we are all here to share our stories and experiences to learn from each other and to be assured that none of us is alone in our journeys. No matter how different they may be.

Drawing on my experiences as a professional athlete for the past fifteen years and as a straight A student-athlete before that I have a wealth of experience an wisdom to share on a variety of topics.

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The Why You’re Not a Track Star Crash Course

An extensive 3 hour workshop based on Tianna’s popular ebook of the same name. She covers the 5 reasons (vision, body, attitude, team, and fundamentals) athletes may not be doing as well as they’d like to in this sport. Click here to download the book.

The Underdog Can Win

Embrace the role of the underdog by using your time away from the spotlight to outsmart, outwork, and execute better than the competition.

Show Up

How to perform in less than ideal circumstances. Tianna shares what to anchor your mind to in order to perform at your best no matter what.

Your Elite Body

A frank and thorough discussion about nutrition, weight, and recovery. And how, as athletes it’s our responsibility to bring a healthy body to each training session.

Physics Doesn’t Give AF

Mental toughness and elite level execution.


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