Sprint Drills

I'll slow this down for you in another video, but this video shows that once you master regular bounding you can continue to use Bounds in speed development by doing speed bounds. Keeping all the mechanics the same. The difference is you are not trying to get a lot of air with your Bounds.
A drill focused on low heel recovery.
Single handedly my favorite thing to do. This drill combines everything you need to prep for speed. Starting with the foot that MUST stay firm and dorsiflexed. The lower leg doesn't cast out but stays tight, your core stays engaged, your chest remains up and open, your knees and thighs drive up and forward, and your arms swing in time with all of it.
Just like Continuous Fast Leg but with the added movement of switching legs. There are typically two running steps between each fast cycle. Start slow then add speed after you've gotten the movement.
Watch the Full Speed video first then return to this video to take a closer look at posture and mechanics.
Unlike A Skips, A runs aren't so much about vertical lift as they are about foot placement. So with that said, A runs are about placing your foot down in line with your center of gravity. A good drill to master for people with backside mechanics or "flicky" feet.
Butt kicks is about how tight you can get your heel to your butt while keeping everything else up front (which is how you're supposed to run anyway). The version of butt kicks where you're actually kicking your butt with your heels is basically a dynamic quad stretch.
Slow motion video demonstrating Split Jumps. Focus on powering off the ground. Keep your chest up and open. Drive the forward knee and thigh up, keep the back leg firm. Alternate legs.

Dynamic Mobility

A dynamic hamstring stretch. Keep your core engaged and your back flat and stable.
Use your legs to propel you forward and down the track. This is a glutes and hamstring activating drill. The longer distance you cover with each bound the more aggressive your pull back against the track needs to be. Keep the foot firm and dorsiflexed.
The same idea as A Skips with the exception that with B Skips after you drive your knee and thigh up you pull/claw back at the track, which propels you forward.
Pull your belly button down to the ground to fully flatten your back before you raise your leg. Keep making sure your back remains flat.
Start with perfecting the movements in slow motion like on the other Continuous Fast Leg video. This video is to show what the drill should look like at full speed. Continuous means you're only cycling one leg the entire way.
Drive the knee and thigh up. Support leg stays straight and firm. Keep both feet firm and dorsiflexed. Drive leg back into the ground without casting out below the knee.
Can you keep your back and core stable while fully extending your leg and bringing it to your chest? How your body shifts in order to make these movements can tell you if your lower back is tight, if your hips are, and even if something is misaligned.
Something to remember...while doing this exercise your body should be in a straight line.
The goal is to get your leg swing to the opposite arm with your stationary leg and arms remaining on the ground. It's harder to do than it seems. A really good pre training exercise.
I'm not exactly sure why these are called that! 🤷🏾‍♀️ BUT I find that if my hamstrings are tight this is a great exercise to do. Make sure you get that reach at the end.
Try to get a good push, when doing this drill to activate stabilization before getting into your workout.
Angle your body so that your chest is closer to the wall than your feet. Keep your leg semi-locked with you foot firm and dorsiflexed. Hips should face the wall, and stay stable. Engage your core.
Loosen your lower back by rooting your chest, arms, and chin to the ground.
Keep your heels planted to the ground and your chest up and open.
Keep your chest up and open and distribute your weight towards your heels.
Keep your hips forward and stationary. Engage your core. You can let your heel fold up to your butt to get maximum quad stretch.
Get yourself stable and allow gravity to aid you in the stretch. It's better to go slow and get a full range of motion than to rush through it.
Try to keep both of your feet as flat as possible in order to get maximum stretch.
Plant your hands, try to get your leg up and to the outside of your arms. Keep your hip and back stable.